Legally Entertaining Podcast




The law can seem boring and confusing. Steve Rogers and Nic Russell started their podcast, “Legally Entertaining”, to show that there are interesting, and often comical, aspects of the law in daily life. From pop stars in bankruptcy to tax deductions for legalized pot plants (hint: pizza and nachos are not tax deductible even if you are a pot store in Colorado), sometimes application of the law can provide a little entertainment. Steve and Nic see thousands of legal issues and subscribe to legal news feeds. They find interesting tidbits and share them in their podcast. Steve and Nic also take questions from people about legal questions. Whether its about a situation in your life or something you read online, feel free to shoot us an email or a tweet.



Beta Episode: Legally Entertaining is born. . .


Episode One

We discuss of one of the more technical areas of consumer bankruptcy and the government’s mode of curbing abuse of bankruptcy. We also talk about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DMX’s tax issues in a way that highlights how people deal, for better or worse, with tax debt.